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    Was nervous about choosing an aftermarket screen replacement, but for approx $200 and the good reviews on this product convinced me to take the risk. I’m glad I did!
    Screen came packaged very well and looks exactly like the real thing.
    There are instructions, and there are good videos online. Just search for your the model of your Mac and screen replacement and you’ll have several options. Not difficult to do. Just take your time and you’ll have it done in around an hour.
    I highly recommend!

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  • Easy to instal: tools and repair instructions included.
  • Provides 3-month warranty.
  • Offers 15-day hassle-free returns or exchanges.


How to identify your computer model
  • On the back side of the screen you can see one or several labels with numbers.
  • For example, screen model number A1989 .
  • The model numbers make it much easier for us to help ID your Macs for service.

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  • 100% factory tested.
  • Spot tested by our staff to ensure consistency of quality and capacity.
Delivery Time Fee
Standard Shipping 8-14 days FREE
US/AU Local delivery 3-5 days $30.00

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Is it original apple screen and retina display?

“I have had several good experiences with these LCD assembles.

I have no way of confirming the OEM status on these but they seem to work 100%.

There are some of these for sale that specifically tell you that

the backlight keyboard won’t work,

but the ones I have purchased I avoided those versions.”

–From Customer Reviews

What is the difference between this screen and original screen?

This is a perfect replacement. Has the same quality as the original.

Do the colors, brightness and camera match the original screen?

Screen is fine, colors are great, brightness good.Screen is perfect.

Does it have True Tone?


Does it come with those screwdrivers shown?

Yes. Screwdrivers are included in the package.

The touchbar stopped working after replacement. Is it a screen issue?

This has nothing to do with the screen.

How can I return my product?

We always aim for make sure our customers love our products,

but if you do need to return an order, we’re happy to help.

Just email us directly and we’ll take you through the process.

How can I make a claim for the warranty?

Please contact us. We provide a 3-month warranty.